If counselling is new to you,

you might be wondering about what to expect and how sessions actually work.

We will meet regularly, usually on a weekly basis. Sessions last 50 minutes. They are yours to explore whatever you need or want to.

I do not limit the number of sessions. About every 6th session, I will review our progress and identify where we are in the counselling process. It is difficult – indeed almost impossible – to say how many sessions a client will need. For some, it might be several weeks, whereas for others a few months.

If it takes even longer, that’s absolutely fine. Regular reviews allow us both to keep the ending in sight.

As for the actual sessions?

In practice, you will find yourself doing lots of talking and I will be doing lots of listening. It might feel a little strange to start with. I cannot claim I have the answers – you do. And I am here to help you to discover them for yourself. Ultimately, you can decide what will work for you and what steps you are able to take to overcome your difficulties.

My role is therefore navigational. I use my knowledge and experience to shed light on the path and help you to uncover the way. So, I will listen with curiosity, but not judgment. I might also ask questions to help you explore further. I might notice things for you. Sometimes I might even challenge you, but never in a confrontational way. Being ‘challenged’ now and again might help us to explore things in a fresh light.

Therapy can be a difficult and painful process.

But the reality is that we need to understand the ‘wounds’ before we can heal them. A ‘can of worms’ is a real possibility. Something crops up that you did not come to therapy for. Directly or indirectly, it reveals itself as impacting on you now or perhaps has been for many years. However, it will be your choice what we do next. If your ‘can-of-worms’ is too painful to look at right now, I will absolutely respect that. It might not be the best time for you to deal with it. And that is fine.

How do I start?

You can call me or text me on my dedicated work phone number – 07828 567 545
Alternatively, my email is: kamila@counsellingwithkamila.co.uk.

You can also get in touch via my Contact Form.

I will reply as soon as possible – always within 48 hours (Monday to Friday).

If you prefer a short chat prior to committing to anything, I would be happy to arrange this with you.

I use Zoom for counselling video sessions but if you are not familiar with Zoom, I can send you a direct link to a secure video chat room. All you need is a phone to receive a text with an access code and a smart phone or computer with a microphone and camera.

Before our first session, I would also send you a couple of forms to fill in at your convenience.